星期四, 十月 27, 2016

First time ordering books from Book Depository to Malaysia.

10:26 p.m.

In this blog post, I will share my experience on buying books from Book Depository websites and having it delivered to Malaysia. Details right after the break.


Where it all started?

It was only recently I become a big fan to the TED Talk videos on Youtube. *(TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, a talk platform for people to share big ideas). The first TED Talk I watched and perhaps influenced me the most is the one by Tim Urban on "Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator". Tim made a first in the history "brain study" into the mind of procrastinators like me. If you want to understand what actually a procrastinator is thinking, watch it here, I promised it is worth your time, and did I mentioned the video is full with Tim's humor too?

Tim Urban - Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

And just last months, I came across another great TED Talk by Susan Cain on "The Power of Introverts". And for that, I would like to make a confession today, yes, I'm an introvert. Being an introvert has really made my social life since secondary school very much confusing and suffering. Susan made me realize one very important thing that being an introvert is not something to feel weird or embarrass about, as statistics showed that about one third to a half of the human population are actually introverts. Susan taught me that I don't have to be ashamed of who I am, instead I should understand the power of introverts and learn how to use them to my advantages!

Susan Cain - The Power of Introverts

Okay, So what happened next?

I was so intrigued with what Susan talked about introverts, and I spent the whole afternoon just to read about Susan and her work. I found that before the TED Talk, Susan was the author for the book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking". It is a book about how the World, especially the Western countries have underestimated the powers of introverts in the work forces, and the importance of introverts to organization. Susan's book changed the World perspectives to introverts and at the same time, helped the introverts to realize their potential.

At the moment, I was so thrilled with what Susan has in her book, something that would eventually help me to understand who I am really are and how I can improve my rather awkward social life.

Since during that time I was still doing my university internship* in some isolated village in Johor, and to my habit of online shopping, I decided to order the book from the internet and has it delivered to my house.
* (I have a degree in aquaculture - the rearing of fish, shrimp, and such, you know, a farming degree?)

Right, cut the craps, the real deal - Ordering of Book from Book Depository

 Website: https://www.bookdepository.com

Here is how the website look like: 

Browse for any book you like using the search bar or you can just look out for their recommendation.

In my opinion, the discounted prices of the books on Book Depository website are very reasonable and some titles are much cheaper than its competitors like Amazon or MPH Online. Together with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (you heard it right!), you save even more when order from Book Depository.

To make it sweeter, for every book you bought, you will receive one complimentary beautifully designed bookmark, courtesy of Book Depository. Here are the two I got.

This free gift is pretty handy as I can finally stop sharing bookmarks between books in case I decide to read different books at the same time. The design of the bookmark are limited and new design may be introduced from time to time.

Great! I already stuffed some books into my basket. How can I pay? 

Book Depository accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, VISA Delta, Maestro and Electron. I decided to pay for my order with my most flavor payment option - PayPal. As I think it is most secure way to pay online without exposing my card information over the internet.

I have a local Debit card and I'm having trouble paying for my book. What is wrong?

To enhance online shopping security and to protect consumers from unauthorized card-not-present (CNP) transaction, most debit cards issued nowadays by Malaysia banks are by default do not support online shopping unless such feature is activated by the card holder. To enable your debit card for online shopping, kindly call your bank for the necessary activation for CNP purchases.

How Long it take for my book to arrive to my doorstep? 

On the Book Depository website, they estimated a maximum of 7-10 working days for books ship from UK; while books ship from Australia, it can take up to 10-14 working days.

Since Book Depository ships each book separately (even when they are made in the same order), my first book arrived to me on the 10th working days (~ 3 weeks), while my another book, arrived a bit late, which was 15 working days (~ 4 weeks) after dispatch.

Since Book Depository does not provide tracking number for your purchases, you will have to wait patiently for your book to arrive. Based on some reviews I read on the internet, in case if your purchase does not arrive after a month, you can contact Book Depository via email / twitter, and they will refund your money back.

By the way, I wasn't sure who was the local courier company that shipped my book. For my first book, I found it tossed into my house garden, but luckily the 2nd one was safely placed into my house mailbox. Both books have some dent marks at the corner but they are very minimal and I do not much bother by it. Once again, in case if your book are damage, just contact them to arrange for a replacement. I contacted them before on order inquiry, and the folks working there are very friendly.

Overall, I think ordering of books from Book Depository are pretty much very easy and hassle free. The prices offered are very attractive too. The down sides are perhaps untraceable order but it is forgivable since them offer free delivery worldwide. In conclusion, my first time experience ordering books with them is a very positive one and I would definitely order again from them!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer it soon.

星期三, 三月 16, 2016


2016 年 3月 16 日,

哦,我的天,没想到一转眼就是另一年了。 对,没多久后迎来的就是我的23岁生日了。


但现在认真一想,23岁,我还是个孩子样(照了下镜子), 思想还是那么幼稚,时不时还在追看N年前的卡通动漫片 (对,最近都好认真在看Avatar: The Last Air Bender 还有 Bleach)。 天,我真的是长不大。

23岁嘛。。。 正是我在登加楼大学3年学士课程的最后一年。 不久后7月就会去实习,10/11月就会参加毕业典礼。 说到毕业,班上不少朋友都问我是否要继续深造硕士,我摇摇头坚决否定了。 硕士这玩意儿,虽说可提升工作机会,可对我而言,总不能就为了读而读。 总要有一个好理由说服自己。对,所以目前的打算就是在这行里找份好工作。 薪水对现在整条街都是大学毕业生的情况下而言,我可不奢望太多,最重要还是从低做起,赚取经验才来说吧。

当我30 岁时看回这文章时,我到底会不会已经实现的我的梦想?

不好意思,言归正传。 23岁生日在登加楼恐怕是一个人过了吧? 哈哈,没关系,那些没把我当人看不要来烦我。 哈哈。 所以要吃KFC 还是 Pizza 呢?

星期五, 九月 04, 2015



但,我们又要如何注册成为一名选民呢? 据大马选举委员会网站指出,登记的方法如下:
1. 前往各地大马选举委员会办公室
2. 前往大马各地已电脑化的邮政局
3. 前往任何政党办公室
4. 前往任何由大马选举委员会在您市区范围设立的临时登记处 - OutReach Program.
5. 前往各地市议会办公室 (Pejabat Majlis Daerah)


1. 检查您的正本身份证。 确定您身份证上的地址就是您目前居住并有意投票的选区。如果你目前长期在吉隆坡打工,身份证上的地址却是沙巴州。 这意味着您在大选期间必须回往沙巴投票。 如果您有意在吉隆玻投票,请先前往邻近的登记局 (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) 申请更新地址。

1. 你只需携带您的正本身份证前往邻近已电脑化的邮政局。 你无需携带任何护照型照片或其它正本或复印文件。

1. 索取号码,排队等待 。

2. 到你时,取出身份证并向柜台人员表明想要注册成为选民 (Saya ingin daftar sebagai pengundi.)。

3. 柜台人员现在会通过仪器读取您身份证的个人资料,并会重新朗读您的全名,身份证号码还有地址以向您验证身份证里的资料是否和您的确实资料吻合。 务必仔细聆听,避免错误。

4. 最后,柜台人员会打印一份选民注册表格 - Borang A. 再次小心确认您的个人资料是否正确。 如一切无误,请在表格下方签名。

5. 经邮政局经理或相关人员在表格上签名时,意味着邮政局已收到你的申请,并会将它递交给大马选举委员会进行一个每年每3个月一次的选民登记手续。

6. 最后,柜台人员会给你Borang A 的副本。 仔细收藏在一个安全的地方,它会是你已递交申请的证据。

1. 在您注册后,请记得定期前往大马选举委员会网站检查你的登记状态直到它显示您已是选民为止。
网址: 大马选举委员会 -  选民登记状态

大马选举委员会在每年每3个月进行一次选民注册, 也就是1月-3月, 4月-6月, 7月至9月,和10月-12月。 所以您的申请状态会一直出于:“处理中”, 直到登记在每3个月期限后的下一个月内处理完毕。前后最长时间是4个月。

投票是每人身为公民的责任。 再大的理由都不应阻止我们投票的意愿。 这才是民主国家的精神。 别再等待下一届投票前时才来注册,要是迟了,那您就白白丢失您的投票机会了!

星期日, 八月 16, 2015

我没说你不可以——————。 I never said you can't___________.

二零一五年八月十六日, 晴。

独自一人在大学实验室做完工作后,忽然脑海里出现了这一句话。 仔细一想,这句还可真是不可思议啊!


“ 承认吧。 日常生活中我们总是听过这句人。 这是一种极不负责任的说法。 很多事情往往我们不做,总会有我们自己的顾虑和理由。 有者出于对你的信任和尊重;有者有自己的想法,顾虑。
当你说出这一番话时,听的人往往都觉得很不可思议。 要是他们能预测未来,看透他人思想那该多好啊! 想说的是,这一种说话的方式我们真的要改。 你不觉得这种话很不中听吗?”

“It is almost inevitable in life for us to listen to people who used this phrase frequently. I must say, this is an irresponsible way of saying. People don't do certain things or tasks because of their own reasons and considerations. When you said this to other people, do you know how astonishing could they feel about this? No one can predict the future and no one can guess correctly your thought. Please, from today onwards, we all are due to be more considerate to other people feeling and think properly before talk.” 

分享完毕。 有话想说?欢迎留言。

星期五, 七月 24, 2015

First time buying staff from Amazon Japan to Malaysia.

This is a blog post intended to share my experience on buying a book from Amazon Japan and had it delivered to Malaysia.

As some of my friends already know, I am a university student studying aquaculture at University Malaysia Terengganu. With the wide availability of information on the internet, obtaining references (journals, eBook, and etc) and information for aquaculture studies have been much easy for most of us here. However, there are extents where that information on the Internet may be incomplete, inaccurate or required additional payment for access, hence, referring to physical book has been the second most important source of references for most of us here.

But what if your school library nor your lecturers hold the book you are looking for? Well, you could either look for alternative references, or you could suggest the title you like to your school library for them to purchase it. Nevertheless, buying the book for yourself (provided it does not burn a hole in your pocket) is perhaps the quickest method available.

That is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago. I have been searching up and down for books and websites related in identification of marine phytoplankton (yup, that's mine final year project about). I then remember seeing a book entitled: Marine Phytoplankton of the Western Pacific, back to my field trip to the "Fisheries Bio-security Center" at Kuantan, Pahang.

A moment of searching on Google revealed that this book is only available for purchase from Amazon Japan. Out of desperate in needing good references to aid my studies (while satisfying my hobby of buying books), I made a great effort learning on how to purchase book from Amazon. In the rest of this article, I would be sharing my perspective of making order from Amazon Japan as a Malaysian.

Now, before we begin, it is important to know that Amazon.com (including Amazon Japan) has stuff that they do not shipped to any international address, especially those being sold non-Amazon resellers/merchants and others items that are prohibited for sales outside of that particular country.

Determine which is the Amazon market you intend you to make your purchase from. Navigate to that website and create a personal account. Personal experience told me that account created on Amazon.com does not worked on Amazon Japan. You need an individual account for every marketplace.

TIPS # 1: Make sure you fill-in your Malaysia address correctly so that Amazon would be able to advise you whether the particular stuff you wish to buy is available for shipping to your country or not. You may not order prohibited stuff to be directly shipped here unless you appoint the service of an online purchase agent that would act as a middle man to help you to purchase and ship it to you. However, this usually incurred additional charges.

TIPS # 2: To navigate and understand the contents in Amazon Japan easily, select the option of viewing the website in English on the right.

"Would you like to see this page in English? Click here. "

Most (not all) of the essential information will be available in English. If you must translate certain part of the websites which is not available in English. Try using Google Chrome browser which provide instant translation. To do so, select the "A" icon on the right of the address bar of the browser to translate the page.

Navigate to the item you wish to purchase, in my case, a book entitled: Marine Phytoplankton of the Western Pacific. See here. If the item you want is not available for order, the website will notify you on the right side of the item you are browsing.

To buy this book, select the Add to Cart button. The price of 3, 240 yen (including delivery) seem to apply for local customer in Japan only. If you are ordering outside of Japan, a different price will be showed in your cart.

When you are done adding items to your cart, navigate to the cart icon button on the right top corner for check-out.

During the checkout process, Amazon will ask you to fill-in and confirm your personal details, such as "ordered items, shipping address, payment method, billing address and etc." Quite a lengthy process but please make sure all details are correct before placing your purchase.

STEP 5.1:
For international customers, payment using "credit and debit card" or "Amazon Gift Card" seem to be the only options. Others methods such as ATM, online bank transfer, convenient store payment, and cash on delivery (COD) seem to apply for Japanese customer only (unless you happen to be in Japan while making your order).

Amazon Japan accepts all major credit cards issued by local banks, bearing any of the following logo:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner's Club
  • JCB
However, if you are paying using a local debit card (Read here to find out if you are using a debit card), special care has to be given.

I have two debit cards with me, one is a Master Debit card and a VISA Debit card, both being issued by local banks. As may be known by some of you here, some banks in Malaysia which issued Master Debit card used the Master SecureCode/Verifed by Visa to verify the purchases of the card holder by sending a specific pin to their phone and required the users to enter the pin they received via text message into the website in order to complete the payment.

Both Master SecureCode/Verifed by Visa are great security feature in safe guarding our debit cards from unauthorized usage. But this is where the problem lies. Amazon simply does not support such feature. Meaning if you attempt to pay for the items you intend to purchase using debit card with Master SecureCode/Verifed by Visa, you will not receive any text message containing the pin from your bank, meaning to say you will not be able to complete your payment unless you change your payment method with another card.

In my personal experience, my Master Debit card failed repeatedly. Calling the bank revealed that they do not captured any payment make to Amazon. I finally have to resort to my Visa Debit card which does not used Verified by Visa feature. Amazon Japan finally captured my payment and proceed to processing my purchase for shipping purpose.

In conclusion for this payment method section, if you are paying with a local credit cards, you will not encountered such problem I described above. But if you are paying using a debit card, watch out for payment confirmation email from Amazon. When you entered your card details and confirmed your purchase, Amazon will send you an email quoting they received your order, But this does not mean your payment has been received by Amazon, Wait for another 10 minutes to 2 hours and check your email account again. If your debit card does not send out the payment, Amazon will then send you a second email, asking you to change your payment method. You can check your debit card details, see if they are entered properly, and try again with the same card. If it failed repeatedly, it is regret to inform that there is nothing you could do about it unless you use another debit/credit card for payment.

For more information, please contact your bank for details about your credit/debit card.

When ordering online, people is often worrying about import duty or additional tax they need to pay to the custom when necessary.

In my case, books that are import are totally free from import duty / tax. You just pay the amount stated in Amazon Japan website. No additional payment required. However, some items like game collectible, electrical products may have import duties. Google for more info.

For example, my book actual price is 3,000 yen and the international shipping fees charged by Amazon Japan is 900 yen (vary by item and final shipping destination), making a final total of 3,900 yen. So only 3,900 yen (~ RM 125) was deducted from my bank account.

If your payment is received by Amazon Japan, what you need to do next, is to just sit back and wait for your order to be delivered.

That's all for now. Thank you for your time. I hope what I written above is helpful to all fellow Malaysians who intend to purchase from Amazon Japan.

In my next blog post, I would cover more about shipping time taken for my order from Amazon Japan.
Till next time.

星期二, 六月 30, 2015



不知不觉拥有这个部落格已经有整整5 年左右。 从中学在朋友的影响下开始着笔写下生活中的点点滴滴。 整个中学生涯就这样,不停的记录,不停的支持朋友们的博文。 一路走来,经历了SPM & STPM考试后,有继续撰写博文的朋友们已寥寥无几。 也许是社交媒体如脸熟的诞生,或大家都应为生活忙碌,再也无法抽空。 逐渐地,大家,包括我,都把博客的存在给遗忘了。

这个没有写博文的年代,每天的心情都直接放在脸书上。方便嘛,对不对? 这几年,写了很多,表达了很多,也和更多人进行了意见上的交流。兜兜转转好多个圈,现在才明白什么是脸书无法和博文比较的地方。

就是因为太方便,只要想倾述 (无病呻吟) 就会贴文,公告天下。博文,它不一样。 博文是一种情绪上的累积,比起脸书,它能够更加完表达出一个人的感受,想法,还有文采。 就是因为太方便,脸书的人说话几乎不离这几句:
“This is awesome!”
“It is really funny!”

当然,这只是我的看法,别人可能不一样。但想说的是我们反而不在注重于怎么更加完整的表现我们自己。 博文在这里就占了优势。


文接上段。 这几年没有写博文的时候,人生真的发生了许许多多的事情。所以就以“回归”两个字去表达说接下来这两个月,我会专注去记录过去这段日子发重要的,或是对我影响至深的东西。可以是喜悦地,值得回忆地,也可以是痛苦地,在心上留下疤痕的事迹。

我,现在回归我的部落格,重新学习如何去表达我自己。如果想支持我,请记得常来这里。 哈哈。还有一个很大的奢望,希望接着这个渺小的自己去影响,也许至少一个人重新执笔,写博文,学习如何用文字就表达自己,从另外一个角度去端自己内心那把最诚恳的声音。